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Backstage Icons.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Backstage Icons.

MODS: marlo; branna; paulina.
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OPEN FOR REQUESTING! [ 09'JAN 2006 @ 10:28a ]

Mmkay, you guys. We’re back in business!!! Membership has been opened, so tell all your friends to join.

Let’s give a big welcome to our newest makers;
All these lovely ladies example’s can be found in the userinfo. Except for _beautifunk, and narcissaa who [due to a momentary lapse of common sense on my part] have been held up. But look for an introductory & examples post from them soon.

A few of new things;
We are now on moderated entries. We really think this will help cut back on warnings and such. Whenever a maker posts that they’re taking requests, you guys can fill them out, and it will still be first come first serve. The maker will approve the first however many they said they’d take, and reject the others. This will cut back on the problem we can’t seem to get over of people requesting from a maker when they’re not supposed to. Let’s use common sense, though. If you can CLEARLY see that they’ve already got their said number of requests, you’ll still get a warning. But hopefully that won’t be a problem.
THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR REQUEST MUST INCLUDE THE MAKERS NAME. We have to be able to go to the calendar and check the requests easily. If you don’t have the makers name in the subject, your request will automatically be deleted.
If for some reason your request post is rejected, we will put in there why; examples - already have their number of requests, you’re over your request limit this month, etc.
Our makers [even part time] are now required to take 4 requests per month, minimum. This will go by CALENDAR MONTH. This is good because it keeps us active, but at the same time isn’t overload.
Marlo and I will still be the bitchy maintainers no one likes. And I’ll continue being the one that “doesn’t even make graphics”. Direct all moaning, bitching, griping, etc to US AND US ALONE. Don’t take your frustrations out on the makers. You do so? My favorite phrase; you will be banned.

Any questions? Let’s have them now. This is your chance to clarify before you will start getting warnings for your mistakes.
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RULES!!! [ 04'JAN 2006 @ 11:32a ]


You will get warned each time you break a rule. After your SECOND warning, you will be BANNED PERMANENTLY from the community.

{01} you may request TWO icons per week. you may only request ONE BACKGROUND/HEADER/BANNER PER MONTH. if you request a background/header/banner, you may not request anything else that week.
THE WEEK GOES FROM THE PICK-UP DATE. if that is in ANY WAY unclear, please ask a mod.
if you overrequest, you will be immediately banned from the community.

{02} you MUST specify a particular icon maker and list this maker IN THE SUBJECT. this allow makers to find their request via the calender view.

{03} provide a good quality image you would like used for your graphic. please specify the text, colors, and effects you would like used. if your request is long or the image is large, put it behind an lj-cut.

{04} you must credit the maker in your icon keywords! if someone asks you who made your icon, refer them to us. IF CREDIT IS NOT GIVEN, you will be banned after one warning.

{05} don't post your request in different communities at the same time. this is called crossposting and you will be IMMEDIATELY BANNED if you do it. ALSO, do not request a graphic from one maker and then change it to another maker without warning. that is also crossposting, and you will be banned.

{06} NO POSTS ASKING WHERE ICONS ARE/WHEN THEY WILL BE DONE. if it's been longer than TWO WEEKS, you may post inquiring politely and as a reminder.

{07} DO NOT DIRECT LINK MAKERS WORK! this means when you request something, UPLOAD it to your OWN server. don't just slap on their examples page URL. that is STILL direct linking and it steals bandwith. and it is bad!

{08} when requesting from a maker use an example of an icon that THEY have made. you want to be sure you're getting what you want, right? well, then use an example that you KNOW they can duplicate or achieve the same look/effect as, please. DO NOT (especially) use examples from other makers at DIFFERENT communities. that's simply rude.

{09} NO community promo or non-request related posts. this means don't post and tell us when you get a new journal or rename your journal or anything that isn't a request. it will get deleted.

{10} don't request in comments. all requests MUST be in a new post. this especially applies when a maker posts saying they are only taking a limited number of requests; you can't just reply to their post and request.

{11} you CANNOT make requests for non-members {friends, boyfriends, etc.} if they want an icon so badly from here, they can apply for membership. this is a CLOSED community for a reason - it's so we can keep track of requests and members and who's using our work. please respect this rule and follow it appropriately.

{12} if you are requesting a graphic for a community that you run, you must specify that in your request.

{13} OUR WORK IS LIVEJOURNAL ONLY! this means it cannot be used at dj, gj, or any other j without the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the maker. it is up to each maker if they will allow it. if you are found to be breaking this rule, you will be IMMEDIATELY banned.

{14} don't request non makers to make you an icon. following that, if you are not a maker here, you CANNOT fill requests. this also means you cannot post work of your own.

{15} Do not make a request and then delete it. The maker might have already started working on it, so it's a waste of their time and confusing for you to do that. It's also unfair for others when you're taking up a request spot from a maker who takes a limited number of requests and you're not even sure about it. Don't request it if you don't want it in the first place! Be sure before you post because you will get a warning for this.

{16} Do not edit a maker's work! This means don't resize it, don't change the colors, don't cut frames from animations, etc. If you want, feel free to ask them for some changes that they themselves will make, but you are not allowed to alter their work. You will get a warning for this.

the mods reserve the right to edit or redefine these rules at any time. if we do, we will make a post in the community explaining the new rule.
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the new and sparkly PUBLIC post! [ 06'MAY 2007 @ 3:06p ]


questions? comments?
email backstage.icons@gmail.com

the new makers post! [ 06'MAY 2007 @ 2:49p ]


please send an email to backstage.icons@gmail.com
with attached examples, or a link to an examples page,
and let us know how often you could make icons. we'll
get back to you as soon as we're able.

Please!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 Request this week [ 13'FEB 2005 @ 10:47a ]

[ mood | curious ]

for audraisaudra
cutCollapse )

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request for sullen_ [ 28'JAN 2005 @ 6:28p ]

1st request for the week; sullen_
detailsCollapse )
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[ 04'MAY 2004 @ 5:06p ]

i know i'm late posting these, but last week/weekend was tiresom and tedious. i probably butchered that word, but i dont care right now. heh.
after this i plan to add some new rules and weed out the members that never commented, then make a sign saying we;re a closed community, where to comment, or how to be added, etc. so expect requests to be open by thursday (im hoping).
thank you everyone for remaining to be so patient. <333


i hope you like em.


my original idea was MUCH better.
but i had to scratch it cuz i forgot you wanted it fading.
also, (for this and your last icon as well) because you wanted the fading effect, it made the blinking border not look so good when blinking.
it basically didnt blink all too much, or it would slow down noticably in the middle where the fade took place. i can still add/try it for you if you'd want though.


the poorest looking one. meh. sorry, dear. <3

in my opinion, the best. they;re not THAT great.
but i hope you like them. or at least one. hehe. <333



i saved the original too, so i can re-do it.

AGAIN! if you'd like to be kept as a member and have yet to comment on my last post...please do so now.

never choke on a lie [ 27'APR 2004 @ 3:43p ]

[ mood | busy ]

ok, so this is the first step in making this a closed and more successful community. from here on out, all posts will be friends only. from here on out, this will be a closed community. in order to join, you'll need to email backstage_icons@yahoo.com
i also plan to update the info with new rules. yea. cuz one of them is going to be a mandatory rule to add the community to your friends list upon joining it so that you can keep up with our status.


if you do not comment, chances are you will not be kept.
not to sound righteous, or snotty, but much like artifialicons, i think of this community as being one of the few great ones that are out there in the realm of livejournal. so i want to keep it that way. be it the makers we have, or the members we have here.

on a side note, all requests which were not posted in my last post shall be posted tomorrow/thursday at the latest. this has been a super busy week for me.
i've needed to finish getting things for prom, i have a concert coming up tomorrow to attend, and on friday the fate of if i graduate or not rest's upon a speech/presentation i am going to have to give.
so tomorrow/thursday at the latest, more backed requests will be posted. and come monday, requests should be opened once again. i'd like to see some more participation maybe by some makers. i know you all have a lot to handle currently, which is totally understandable, but as you can see, so do i.

so, umm, i think i've covered all bases here.


[ 23'APR 2004 @ 12:58p ]

i decided to not wait another day to post these.
they would have been done last night, but my animation shop wasnt working.
i still need to do all of laugh_at_j's requests, and the 2nd one for princesschantel.

Read more...Collapse )






the first is crappier quality.
its cuz of all the optimization.


Read more...Collapse )


mel's is far better. heh. <3
comment if you wanna use it and if you need it emailed.


sorry on ze wait, love.
also, i wasnt sure at all what you wanted as a bg.
hehe, i hope this is ok. =\



i wasnt sure on the pixelated bg. hope thats ok.


i really LOVE how it came out.


bad. i guess that look isnt my "thing". =\ <3




i know the tiny font shakes.
its supposed to. =D


not toooo great, im sorry.
i was at a loss.


there was a lot of text to add, sorry.


fannypackxcore, when i post the other 3 requests, ill post yer gun icon. i dont know how to do the icon you requested...or where to find a picture like that. if you can find one, i can try and work on it.

thank you. <333
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[ 22'APR 2004 @ 5:20p ]

[ mood | annoyed ]

ok, yea...once again...please do not make ANY requests until further notice.
i dont have the time to manually uncheck every new member that joins everyday from having posting access...
so just remember and keep in mind...


Quick Question [ 22'APR 2004 @ 1:17p ]

I have a quick quesion. Please forgive me if I am being retarted by asking this questin. Can I make a request or it is cloesd? I remember reading that no one is taking requests. I am just making sure so I don't request. Thanks! :)
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icon request [ 21'APR 2004 @ 5:24p ]

hey hey, im new to the community and i was wondering if u cud make me a save the last dance icon with this picture  julia stilesCollapse ) and on the left side of it put "live your dreams" in pretty script, thank ya sooo much, of course ill give u props for it...
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[ 20'APR 2004 @ 7:56p ]

just so none of you think i've forgotten about requests...
i have maybe 4-5 more to do before i post them.
i've got about another 10 completed already.
just so i can have a "check list" so to speak...
comment here with your links to requests that havent been posted/filled.
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[ 18'APR 2004 @ 9:18p ]

yea...when i said no requests...i didnt just mean FOR ME. i was attempting to set forth my moderator duties for myself and the other girls to catch up. unfortunately...ugh it didnt work. theres that reading thing again coming up. argh. sheesh.

tomorrow im closing the community and posting from all members besides makers.
id do it now, but im too damn tired. if any of the other mods get to it before then (if you had time and felt like it you could, i dont mind <3), could you let me know, plz? if not, first thing tomorrow tis done.

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Request for anyone [ 18'APR 2004 @ 2:57p ]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hey havnt requested in a while so heres a icon request for anyone
IconCollapse )

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[ 18'APR 2004 @ 8:33p ]

requestCollapse )

edit: oh sorry, i didn't read the post that your pc was down... :(
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[ 18'APR 2004 @ 12:55p ]

can i PLEASE ask that all requests be held off until further notice. i was computerless for the last 3 days, so i havent gotten anything done, and there are still a few backed up requests that need tending to aside from the 2 pages or so of new requests. =\
any of the other makers can feel free to also do some in any of your spare time. but yes, i'll probably need a good 3-4 days to get them all done. so, i just ask that you hold off for a few days so i (we) can catch up. thanks.

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icon request [ 18'APR 2004 @ 12:42p ]
for anyoneCollapse )
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[ 18'APR 2004 @ 3:36a ]



lkjfgdfgdfg. i only just saw that you wanted it in blue. i aplogize. it's beyond late and i only skimmed the post. i'll make a blue version in the morning.

(and i noticed my name was removed from the userinfo, and understandably so. i hope i'm still welcome to make icons?)
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[ 18'APR 2004 @ 2:20a ]

hey guys! i have a request for whoever ... behind the cut ... Collapse )
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