beauty corpse (bettielatexl0ve) wrote in backstage_icons,
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Please!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 Request this week

for audraisaudra

i was wondering if you would PLEAAAAAAAAAAASEEE make me a big background, with these bettie pictures. i would be soooo damn thrilled if you could cuz i ask people who've let me down. i love neons-hot pink, yellow, lime, turquise, lavender, orange and black and just anything you can do its all up to you very glitzy and flashy and bright. thank u soooo much i will credit x 932749329849238749832! and if it could say:

"i was NEVER the girl nextdoor"
"i beat blondes down"
"danger girl"
"i wanna tie you up and whip you"
"bettie baby"
"i would be in lingerie all day"

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